Funny Family Pictures

How to add humour to a family portrait

funny family pictures Adding humour to family portraits might seem strange and out of the ordinary, but most definitely is not. Everyone wants to look elegant in their family photos, but 10 years from now, you want reality. How great would it be to be able to look back at old photos and instantly get a smile on your face? That is the main reason why we keep these memories, to remember all the special moments in life. Adding humour will only make them all the more special. This guide will help you achieve just that:


Instead of the same old boring backgrounds and backdrops, you could use your own home. Lots of memories are made in the kitchen. Sounds odd, but its true. You could have a place in your home, where everyone sits and plays weekly board games. You want to remember these places as much as the people you are with. You could have your favourite board game ready to play on a table behind you. Snacks spread out. A family portrait that will put a smile on everyone’s face is one taken in the bathroom. Be original.  You know what places have the funniest stories to tell.


One quick and simple way to add humour to a portrait would be to try role reversal. Mom and dad dress up as the kids and the kids dress like them. A little boy could be wearing dad’s fishing jacket and a girl could wear mom’s high heals. Don’t get too carried away, though. A family portrait with dad wearing a diaper will most likely scare away most guests. He could try to find something like a school bag. Mom could have pig tails. Another option is to recreate your favourite family movie.

Facial expressions

The perfect family portrait would be where everyone is smiling and it’s clear to see how happy everyone it. An even better one would be of dad making that expression that always makes you smile no matter how down you’re feeling. Struggling to get your son to smile for the camera, don’t. Twenty years from now you will all be smiling at how stubborn he looks.


Accessories are the easiest way to add humour to your portrait. Childhood toys are always simple to use. Want to one day show your kids the annoying little blanket they dragged along with them everywhere? Let them hold it for the shoot. Is Grandma always cooking up a storm? Why not have her showing off her favourite cookbook. Always try and have those special defining items in your photo. Every family has them and immortalising them in your family portrait will always remind you of those special times. Make sure you also include the family pet. One of the most special family portraits I’ve seen included a fish bowl with their pet. It was funny, but that is a photo I will never forget.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try more this year than the same old boring portraits, and that you have enough ideas to get started. Remember that even the simplest item could have a humorous story behind it. Don’t forget those moments. One day you and your family will look at your portrait and smile.


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