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Located in Escondido, California, this zoo is 40 minutes away from the San Diego Zoo in the heart of San Diego. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, previously known as the San Diego Wild Animal Park, is 1,800 acres huge and offers visitors to see animals in a more natural environment than a regular zoo does.

San Diego zoo - Safari park

The 13 sections of the park includes:

Safari Base Camp- meerkat, a variety of rare and unique birds

Nairobi Village- Rodrigues fruit bat, red river hog, a watering hole with pelicans, storks, and many other migratory birds

Gorilla Forest- gorillas, a tropical rain forest, a butterfly jungle (every Spring)

African Woods- okapis (an extremely rare-to-see animal that is the only living relative to giraffes), secretary birds (another very unique creature!)

The Grove- a garden full of herbs that is tended by volunteers

African Outpost- cheetahs, warthogs *They show the (included with price) cheetah run here at the African Outpost, daily at 3:30pm

Lion Camp- African lions

Elephant Valley- African elephants

Tiger Territory- Sumatran tigers (this is a critically endangered species, with only 400 left remaining in the wild)

Condor Ridge- California condors (the highly respected huge scavengers!), Bighorn sheep

World Garden- Conifer forests, a section of Southern California’s native plant species, a whole section of magnificently unique trees

Asian Savanna- Przewalski’s horse (a pony/zebra-looking horse that is the closest living relative to the domestic horse), Arabian oryx (they have been extinct in the wild since the 1960s, but many zoos are helping them come back!)

African Plain– Uganda giraffe, crowned crane, Grevy’s zebra (the largest kind of zebra!), white rhinos (only 8 left in the world!)


It’s open every day from 9am to 5pm.

San diego zoo safari park panda bear

The park is located on a hill, or rather lots of hills, so if you’re pushing a stroller or you have bad knees, it can get tiring (and painful) really quickly. They do have a great tram system that lets you roll through certain sections of the park and come and go as you please. Unlike the San Diego Zoo, it focuses mainly on African animals, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit pricey at $44 a person ($34 for children 3-11), but for the size, it makes it more reasonable. The price also includes the tram ride for you and your family to use as often as you want! For $114 (or $70 if you have any kind of ticket to the park already), there is a ¾ mile zipline that you can take to see a good bit of the zoo at such great heights. There are also many other extra paid options, such as the 10 minute long 400 feet balloon ride ($20 per guest) and the Caravan Safari (around $100, depending on which safari). The Caravan Safari is a very unique experience where you get to go on the animal’ turf and feed them and touch them (mainly giraffes, possibly rhinos), from a little cart that rides you around for over 2 hours.

What I find amazing is that this zoo has one of the most successful breeding programs in the world, and some of their safari sections allow their animals to freely come and go as they please, such as the area in the Nairobi village for migratory birds.

Some examples of why this park is amazing:

-The elephants in the Elephant Valley were rescued from Swaziland in 2003 as they were scheduled to be killed because of overpopulation.

-When baby condors are hatched, they are raised by an adult condor puppet in order for them to not get used to humans so they can eventually get put back into the wild.

-Many of the extinct Arabian oryx species that have been born in the Safari Park have been brought back to Oman and Jordan to be reintroduced in their native range.

Take a walk on the wild side and visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

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Things to do in Maui – Maui Aquarium Travel Insider – Prices


Many consider this aquarium on the pricier side, with the 10% discount online adult price being $24  compared to the $12 regular adult price for the Waikiki Aquarium on the island of Oahu. Also, the Waikiki Aquarium’s price includes an audio tour, where as the Maui Aquarium doesn’t. Don’t forget though, Maui is one of the most expensive islands in Hawaii so that should be taken into account while planning your trip there.

However, there is somewhat a reason why it’s that price. There are many exhibits to check out such as the jellyfish exhibit and stingray exhibit, and a good portion of them are interactive. Exhibits are both indoor and outdoors, but the indoors seem to have a lot more sea life than the outdoors. Their website claims that they have the largest living reef exhibit in the world, and that’s a pretty fantastic reason why the Maui Aquarium should be on your to-do list. After all, coral reefs are one of the most desired things to see when visiting the tropical Hawaiian islands.

Maui Aquarium, Prices

The coolest thing about the aquarium in my opinion is the shark exhibit. It’s a 750,000 gallon tank with a multitude of different sharks,

alongside a plethora of these fascinating creatures is a dream (some may say it would be a nightmare, but they aren’t dangerous like you would think). It’s such a high concentration of sharks, which makes it different than other shark dives. The dive lasts 30-40 minutes, and you must bring all your own scuba gear (wetsuit, mask, BCD, fins, regulator) except the air tank and weight belts which they will provide. Feel free to bring your underwater camera, too! like the hammerhead, tiger sharks, and much more. They offer a scuba shark dive which cost $199 per person. I haven’t done the shark dive yet, but that is definitely on my list! So swimming

In case your wondering, to get your scuba certification, PADI is by far the most well-known scuba organization so I would suggest to go with them. Plus, there are constantly tons of PADI certification deals on sites such as Groupon. The deals are usually around $199, which includes all the equipment (except fins, snorkel, and mask-). You can advance from an open water diver to even more professional, which will cost more money but it will also allow you to eventually teach diving and do more intense dives, like dive in the Arctic or explore wrecks on the bottom of the ocean.

Some more pluses are you can also get a good sized shave ice for $4 at the stand by the turtles, there’s free parking, and the Things to do in Maui-Aquariumaquarium is great for kids. In the morning, there’s a demonstration where kids can look at fossils under a microscope and touch the skeletons of sea stars. Also, there’s a touch tank where you can touch turtles. I think what’s especially great about this aquarium is that they circulate their animals, so it’s not one of those places (like Seaworld and zoos) where they steal the wild creatures’ young at birth then raise them up in a cage where they can never go back in the wild because they wouldn’t be able to survive in it. They always have new animals, which does unfortunately mean that it’s not always guaranteed they’ll have a specific kind like the hammerhead shark, but they do a good job of maintaining their huge variety. The Maui Aquarium also helps a lot with sea turtles (Hawaii takes these creatures very seriously), and they have a hatch and release program which lets you see cute baby turtles. They also do coral rehabilitation, so the aquarium seems to legitimately care about sea life and allowing animals to live their life in the wild where they belong.

All in all, while the Maui Aquarium may be a bit more expensive than other aquariums, it has many things to do for anyone interested in learning about sea life which gives justification to the cost.

Maui Sunset - Things to do

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